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Golf Practice & Perimeter Netting

A golf practice cage is a must if you wish to practice your long shots, drives, and golf swings. They are widely used by professional golf players before they set out on a big game. These golf cages provide a secure and effective space for a golfer to practice.

Lion Trading offers golf practice cages of various size and bays. You could choose from a single, double, or triple bay. You also have the option to select between a mobile golf cage, which is freestanding and can be moved around, or you could settle for a fixed golf cage, which is secured through ground sockets.

Our golf practice cage comprises of a robust frame made from galvanised metal and their sturdiness makes them a product that carries value for money. Whether you are beginner working on your skills or a professional sharpening your shots, we have golf practice nets for everyone immaterial of your expertise or skill.

We also offer replacement golf nets if your old ones have worn out. We are stocked with golf impact baffle net and golf impact nets, which act as shock absorbing safety nets. They are easy to install on the golf practice cage frames.

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