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Ball Stop

Ball Stop Netting Systems

Net practices are an essential element of practicing any ball game. Whether you are into cricket, hockey, golf, football, or rugby, ball stop nettings make it easier to practice your game moves. We have permanent or temporary ball stop netting solutions that can be easily installed in every setting. Apart from the regular standard size nets, we also offer customised sports ball stop netting services. Our nets are made to order and are created with the aim of protecting the players, spectators, and the passers-by.

To complement the ball stop netting, we also have perimeter pole systems, which can be extremely handy if you are practising on a shared ground. Using these poles you can lower or raise the ball stop netting. From individual practices to seasonal tournaments, the 6 feet high poles can cater to every players needs. Use our on-field crowd barriers that contain a mesh infill and a tubular rail, which will be safer for the spectators as they won't snag.

So if you are looking for ball stop netting for the school or college football pitch or for your personal garden use, you can bank on Lion Trading to offer you the best that is available online and offline.

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