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Ball Stop

At Lion Trading we offer a range of ball stop nets with fittings suitable for a wide variety of sports and locations. From football, rugby and cricket to golf, hockey and other ball sports, you’ll find both permanent and temporary ball stop netting solutions ready for fast, professional installation. We have a choice of off-the-shelf sizes that cater to the needs of many playing fields but predominately offer made-to-measure systems that provide the ultimate protection for players, spectators and passersby. So whether it's ball stop netting for gardens or for a school football pitch, we can offer anything you need.

To complement our ball stop nets we can provide high-performance crowd barriers for sports field installations - incorporating a mesh infill and a tubular rail that won’t snag or cause injury to spectators leaning against it. If you’re operating a shared pitch or sports ground we also offer perimeter pole systems that can see ball stop nets raised and lowered as required. With poles standing up to 6 metres in height, you can quickly and easily raise ball stop netting to meet the needs of an individual practice session or for seasonal use - the choice is yours.

For more information contact our ball stop netting specialist today. Call 01405 812285 and ask for John or use contact form.

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