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Windbreak Shade Nets

Windbreak & Tennis Court Windscreen

Windbreak (also known as Windscreen) nettings are useful if you are looking for ways to up the privacy levels on your property or to offer shade to your delicate plants. At Lion Trading, we have a range of windbreak nettings, which are suitable for all purposes.

If you are hosting outdoor events and need to provide shade from the harsh rays of the sun, contact us and we will offer you flame retardant shade nets specially designed for outdoor events. For your sporting needs, we have tennis windbreak netting that will block out the wind and keep your tennis balls in. In addition to these safety nets, we also make cable ties and flexible straps available to secure these nettings. You can have these windbreak nettings in standard sizes or made to order sizes. We have been in the industry long enough to offer you the perfect fit for all occasions. Other than the customised size, you can even have the tennis windbreak netting personalised to carry your brand name.

All our nets are long-lasting and easy to install at the site.

So get in touch with us today on 01405 812285 if you have any branded windbreak netting requirements for sporting or personal purposes, or you can contact us here for more information.

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