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Shock Cord/Bungee Rope

Shock Cord & Bungee Rope

When you think of jumping off a height and dangling by a bungee rope, the first concern that pops up in your head is safety. No matter how many times you may have participated in the adventure sport, you would still be nervous before each jump. Thus, having a bungee cord that is strong and durable is essential to maintain that faith while taking the leap. Due to the strength, versatility, and dependability of bungee ropes, they have become popular in commercial, industrial, and residential uses too.

We stock these high tension wires in black only. However, you can make your pick between 3, 6, and 8mm shock cords in 100m lengths. You could also find the 10mm bungee cord on a 50m roll. Each of our bungee cords contains a sturdy Monoflex rubber core that makes the cord lasting and exceptionally robust. If you wish to bag these bungee ropes in other colours, you could place a bulk order with us.

In addition to these bungee cords, we also offer Tyga Ties for securing your bungee cords without the assistance of any specialised tools or techniques. Contact us to get the best quote per metre for these bungee ropes.

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