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Ropes and Cordage

Bungee rope has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional or nylon rope, offering a versatility that’s unmatched by any other form of fastener or restraint. The ability to maintain tension across even the widest sheeting installation makes bungee rope (also known as shock cord and elastic rope) an indispensable tool for commercial, industrial and residential use.

We stock black only but can offer a choice of 3, 6 and 8mm shock cord in 100m lengths, as well as 10mm cord on a 50m roll. Other colours only on bulk order of the most competitive prices per metre you’ll find, our bungee rope offers the best value for money you’ll find, online or off. Whether you’re tying off directly or adding a choice of hooks, fastens or clips to your shock cords, all our bungee features a robust MONOFLEX rubber core for exceptional performance and longevity in the most demanding conditions. We also offer nautical rope in various sizes, as well as 10 mm nylon rope, 14mm mooring rope and a range of other high tenacity ropes.