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We stock high density polyethylene (HDPE) tape fabric tarpaulin covers and sheets in a variety of weights and sizes. These tarpaulins are waterproof, very strong and long lasting, making them ideal for a range of outdoor uses.

Polyethylene tarpaulins consist of woven strips of polyethylene (PE) plastic with another layer of PE plastic bonded to the surface. As a result they are very resistant to stretching.

The following tarp weights are available and indicate the thickness of the fabric:

  • 100 grams per square meter (g/sm)
  • 150 g/sm
  • 200 g/sm
  • 250 g/sm
  • 580 g/sm PES Fabric, PVC coated

Our tarpaulin sheets feature aluminium eyelets every 100cm making them very easy to tie down or to anchor with a weight. Use any of these tarpaulins to protect possessions, building materials etc from the weather and the visibility of items to would-be thieves.


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