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Scaffold Net/Sheeting

When it comes to safety, you cannot afford to make a mistake. A slight slip-up on your part could result in a devastating outcome and who would wish to risk that? Therefore, it is important to invest in good quality safety equipment, like scaffolding net to catch all the debris and protect the pedestrians and workers. Our scaffold netting also protects your workers from the harsh rays of the sun, heavy rains, wind, and snow. Apart from adding safety to construction sites, these nettings are also used in greenhouses and gardens.

We offer great variety in scaffold sheeting and netting and you can make your pick between the power line crossing nets, pedestrian safety barriers, scaffold nets, tarps and straps. We have also stocked the latest and advanced Monarflex Airflow and Firesmart range of scaffold netting. Our nets are made from high density polyethylene and are tested for safety and security purposes. The high quality netting provides maximum performance making it cost-effective and value for money choice.

The prices displayed on Lion Trading are inclusive of VAT so you do not have to worry over the hidden charges. Place your order online or contact us to have all your doubts cleared. We would be happy to assist you.

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