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Skip / Container Covers

When are carrying load from one point to another, the safety of the contents is of utmost importance. Whether you employ a skip, trailer, container, or any other vehicle, there is still a possibility of the contents falling or spilling out if they are not secured properly. Such an incident could pose as a hazard to other drivers and may lead to accidents. Therefore, it is your responsibility to prevent such an occurrence. Here’s where skip covers come into the picture. Our skip covers are made out of resilient and durable materials and can prevent the contents of your moving vehicle from falling out.

Our skip covers are perfect if you are carrying large loads. Make use of the skip covers if you are carrying materials that are dusty and may fly out through the holes of the nets. On the other hand, if you are travelling with large cargo contents, you can safely use the skip and trailer nets. Furthermore, our trailer nets can be secured with a 6mm elastic cord that is available complementary with the cover, while the skip covers have 18mm brass eyelets strategically located on the reinforced hem. If you cannot decide on a size, contact our experts for assistance.

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