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Flood Defense

Flood Defence

*NEW* Hydrosack and Hydrosnake offers state of the art emergency flood protection. Quick and easy to set up, they are perfect for emergency flooding. Easily stored away until required

Our sand-bag range will contain up to 15kg of sand and are useful for a range of applications such as flood defence or as weights to anchor signs, netting or any other vulnerable items.

The Hessian and Polypropylene woven structure of the bags ensures the sand is held securely inside but water is easily absorbed. As a result sandbags provide excellent flood defence and protection.

Businesses and residents in low lying areas or close to the sea may find it beneficial to keep sandbags on hand ready to use in stormy weather or periods of heavy rain.

The Hessian empty sandbags 13’’ x 30’’ are of excellent quality. These hessian sandbags are versatile, made of natural fibers (jute) and can be used in a variety of applications from traditional flood defence to earth wall construction. 

Also see the range of Hoppers and Sand-Baggers we can offer.  The Sandbagger options will make it easy for you to fill 400 to 900 bags in 1 hour. GF2 Gravity Fed (2-Chute) and GF Gravity Fed (4-Chute) Model 1 

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