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Garden / Agricultural

Garden/Agricultural Netting

Garden shade net covers are a good addition to any gardener’s collection as they have a number of great uses. Not only do they protect your plants from the elements during the autumn and winter, they also prevent the spread of disease by blocking insects from landing on your plants, as well as ensuring the soil and plants don’t overheat during warmer weather.

Here at Lion Trading we stock 70% shade netting in black, brown, and green in rolls of 10m or 50m long, and 1.5m wide. We also stock netting clips, which are ideal for ensuring that your netting covers stay in place and do their job properly. Our PVC netting clips work best when secured to either cable ties or a wire to cover your plants.

Covering your plants to protect them from the elements and from strong sunlight may leave you worried that they won’t get enough light to thrive. However, our garden shade net covers let up to 70% of the available light through, allowing your plants to photosynthesise to their hearts’ content, without leaving them vulnerable to wind, frost, and UV rays.

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